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BAPTISMs, weddings & Funerals

It is our honor to celebrate baptisms and weddings with you as well as to accompany you during times of loss. It is a privilege to be invited into your deeply personal expressions of beginnings, unions and farewells. You are most welcome to seek the guidance of the clergy and staff of St John on the Mountain in planning a wedding, a baptism, or a loved one’s funeral.


Holy Baptism


Jesus invites us to an incredible new life of light and joy and all of it   begins in the waters of baptism. Everything else flows from that wet beginning! You are invited to receive baptism at St. John’s. We consider it our highest honor to welcome new members into the Body of Christ through baptism.

We baptize primarily on those dates set aside for baptism, as listed in the Book of Common Prayer. (All Saints Sunday, The Baptism of our Lord, Easter, Pentecost) Since the presence of the community of faith is essential for welcoming the newly baptized into the church, baptisms take place in the principal service on the appointed Sunday. Check the events calendar for the next Baptism dates.


The Celebration and Blessing of Marriage

The love between two people who are becoming one is evidence of God’s self-giving love for all. St John on the Mountain joyfully celebrates opposite and same sex couples who enter into a life-long unions and desires the blessing of God and the support of the Church to help them fulfill the vows they make.

Our part of the mountain is a wonderful place to exchange vows and celebrate marriage! Many couples have honored us over the years by having their sacred ceremony at our church, and our Parish Hall has hosted stunning receptions.



Couples thinking about celebrating their marriage at SJOTM should meet with Dave+ as a first step before plans for the ceremony are made. Couples attend three hour-and-a-half long pre-marital meetings, followed by a rehearsal. It is expected that couples will regularly participate in Sunday worship as part of their preparation.

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The Burial of the Dead

The death of a loved one is a tender time in the life of a family. Our community is ready to help you. Notify the church as soon as you can by phoning the office. The priest will offer to say the prayers “At the Time of Death” with family members and the deceased, and the body will be anointed with holy oil. Our priest will also assist with funeral planning, working closely with our organist, to prepare a dignified, beautiful service.

A funeral is an Easter liturgy, celebrating the resurrection of a loved one. Unavoidably sad, Christians yet give thanks for the life which has been lived, and proclaim the resurrection!

Our beautiful Memorial Garden is the final resting place for cremated remains for many people. The ashes are cared for with reverence on that holy, quiet, space on our campus.  Read more about our Memorial Garden. 

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