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At one time or another, we all can use a little care. Whether you are grieving a loved one, suffering from an illness, preparing for surgery, or in need of extra prayer support during a difficult time, we'll be as there-for-you as we can. At St John on the Mountain, we care for one another through support groups, prayer teams and contact with homebound friends and members.

Parishioners and Priests serve as touchstones to the compassionate and healing love of God. Should you need solace and support during illness, injury, or troubled times please contact the Office.

We know that prayer brings wholeness and healing to those being prayed for and  those who pray. We offer public prayer on behalf of the health and healing of others.


At each liturgy, we publicly read aloud the names of those who have either requested public prayers for themselves or have had their names submitted by others for public prayers.


We also pray for those who have died on the Sunday after the name has been received. 

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