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Fun & Food

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Coffee Hour

Please join us in Parish Hall every Sunday from September - June, right after the 10am service. We share refreshments, conversation, and fellowship. It's entirely ok if the food comes out of a box. More often it arrives warm from the ovens of our chefs.

Click here for the 2021-2022 Coffee Hour Schedule.  Click Here for Coffee Hour Instructions


We are proud to serve Equal Exchange coffee. Equal Exchange is a food system that empowers farmers and consumers, supports small farmer co-ops, and uses sustainable farming methods. Equal Exchange partners with co-operatives of farmers who provide high-quality organic coffees from all over the world.

Dinner before Evensong

Everyone is invited to gather whenever you can get here after 6pm for a gourmet dinner on the Wednesdays of Advent and Lent. There is so much about which we can be sacrificial. Let's not make it the quality of the food. 


Dinner is prepared by . . . not you! (Doesn’t that alone make it sound delicious!?!) The meals are without reservation, charge or obligation. BYOB, but everything else is provided. 

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Family Fun 

Several times a year we gather for a pot-luck dinner and games.  We enjoy each other’s company and whatever is the game of the evening.

We are proud of several things. One is that a sixth grader won a Scrabble round last time. Another is that those of us single or in same-sex partnerships feel as comfortable as those with scads of young kids. We really try to mean what it says on all those signs. The Episcopal Church welcomes you.



Simple Suppers

Get to know other parishioners by sharing a flexible and very low stress meal!  These social events involve having an "unprogrammed" meal or two with a few other parishioners who decide when and where they want to eat together. Many lasting friendships have developed from a Simple Supper. 

Please contact Wendy Argent-Belcher for more information.

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Benefits and Fundraisers

Our visions glitter so brightly that  occasionally throughout the year, the parishioners of SJOTM, sometimes joined by the parents of St John Nursery School, gather to save a small part of the world. We raise money, have fun and dress-up less each year. Scholarship funds, equipment needs, mission goals and sometimes general budgets are assisted through jovial generosity. 

Sorta* Second Sunday Simple Supper & Short Service

We're trying something different.  Join us at 5 pm for exactly what the title promises.  A catered meal that's definitely free and hopefully easy. Lemonade and water will be provided. BYO anything else. Everyone of every age is invited. 

A few minutes of  painless and artful "getting to know you," at the beginning, twenty minutes of Eucharist at the end and we'll be done by 6:15.

*It's "sorta" because its the third Sundays of September, July and October.

Reservations will save us from throwing out a lot of food.


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