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Buildings & Grounds

Members assure the health and safety of our properties and maintain the beauty of our grounds. They supervise the repair, maintenance, and capital improvements of the church and school buildings and the upkeep of the surrounding landscape.


The Committee creates an annual budget for routine maintenance and capital projects for inclusion in the budget submitted to the Vestry for approval. 

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Members plan and conduct the annual Every Member Canvas of members and friends to provide funds for the Parish’s annual operating budget. The Committee also meets periodically to develop ways of deepening our understanding of stewardship 



The Finance Committee oversees preparation of the annual budget for vestry approval and monitors receipts and expenditures throughout the year.


The committee meets monthly to prepare reports for the Vestry.



The committee creates and maintains effective means of communication among Parish members, a variety of external audiences, Wardens/Vestry and clergy/staff. The committee advises the staff in ensuring  the most effective uses of printed and electronic media to  effectively communicate our church’s mission and goals to a broad audience. 


Members meet regularly to allocate the Church’s outreach budget to worthy charities and to organize volunteer activities to help the community.


Social gatherings are essential to the ongoing life of this  parish. Members plan social gatherings that are conducive to wide-spread participation.


All members and friends of the Parish participate in the ministry of the Fellowship Committee through our assigned hosting of Coffee Hour twice a year. 

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Perhaps it is always the desire of those who love God and the world to hope for more than they can afford? In order to balance the budget the Church needs to raise additional monies besides those raised by the Every Member Canvass. The Fundraising Committee usually plans one such event in the spring with the Nursery School and one in the fall.

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