Love looks like

THANK YOU for your patience, persistence and care in the past year and a half.  We want everyone to feel safe and loved and we look forward to seeing you whenever you are ready. Please continue to feel free to contact Dave, Christopher or the Wardens if you have a question or suggestion.

  • The Centers for Disease Control released a report on July 27 stating that Americans should resume wearing masks in areas where there are more than 50 new infections per 100,000 residents over the previous seven days or where more than 8 percent of tests are positive for infection over that period. These numbers can and have changed quickly but as of November 4, statistics describing the county of Somerset (28 new infections/ 3% positivity) are lower than the CDC thresholds.  

  • Attending a liturgy or meeting on live-stream is always an option. 

  • It is not necessary to email anyone if  you wish to attend the liturgy. You are welcome.

  • The images of the readers, musicians and Altar party are the only ones live-streamed during the liturgy.  The camera at the baptismal font is not used during Receiving.

  • Dave+ requests that you show Christopher your vaccination record the first time you sing with the choir. It is a rule of the Diocese that the Choir must remain masked.

  • Everyone has a different comfort level in terms of handshakes and hugs. Please ask each person their preference as you greet one another before or after the service or during the Peace. When in doubt, default to a low or no contact greeting (i.e. elbow bump, bow, or a wave). 

  • Anyone who wants to wear a mask should do so whenever they  wish. You will not enquire of another why they are wearing  a mask. 

  • The back left (facing the altar) set of pews is for those for those wishing to remain especially distanced.

    • Persons in this section choose to remain masked.

    • The doors to outside will remain open, facilitating outside air to flow first upon this section. (The air-handler exhaust is in the front. The very thorough system in this room refreshes the air every several minutes.)

    • They will be served Holy Bread at their place.

    • They will "wave rather than shake" especially during the Peace.

    • It is requested that those in this section do not sing. 

  • The Presiding Bishop asks that we continue to serve communion only in one kind as he and his colleagues discern the best way to "honor our Anglican heritage of the common cup in the shadow of pandemic.”