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Love looks like

THANK YOU for your patience, persistence and care throughout the past two years. We always want you to feel safe and loved.  We look forward to being together in person whenever you are ready. Please continue to contact Dave+, Christopher or the Wardens if you have a question or suggestion. 

  • For the safety of those we love,  you should not enter the buildings, lawns, fields or playgrounds unless you are fully vaccinated and boosted. (Or unless you are younger than four.) Those who have underlying health risks (medical challenges such as diabetes, respiratory or cardio-vascular challenges, those who are unvaccinated and/or who are immuno-compromised) should stay at home and participate through online worship.  

  • Participating in a liturgy or meeting on live-stream is always an option. Dave+ and our Pastoral Care team would be deeply honored to bring the body and blood of Christ to your front door. 

       Click here to go to our Zoom Room.

  • You do not need to wear a mask. You may always wear a mask without explanation. As a corollary to that, please recognize that you are not being granted permission to inquire about another persons physical condition just because they are wearing a mask.

  • We have returned to many pre-pandemic practices during the liturgy.

    • ​The Choir and Ministers will process through the Nave.  

    • The Choir and Assembly are singing without masks

    • The Peace will be passed physically and the people may move about the Nave. 

    • The ushers will pass Offering Plates through the Assembly.

    • Communion will be received while kneeling at the rail. 

    • The sacred ministers are not wearing masks. At all.

    • Communion may be be received in both kinds.  The same cup is being used both for drinking and intinction.


  • Concerning the back left quarter of the Nave  (pulpit  side),  we have created a space for those who wish to return more tentatively.

    • Every  other pew will remain empty.​

    • The Passing of the Peace will not include physical contact.

    • The ushers will attempt to leave significant distance between families (immunological pods) while walking up the aisle and  kneeling  at the rail.

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