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Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEMs)

LEMs are the hospitable Maitre Ds at the meals to which Christ invites everyone.  They set the table and join the clergy in serving Holy Food to God's Holy People. LEMs are essential to the liturgy both at 8 and 10am. The assistance of a LEM is crucial at Funerals and often requested at weddings. 


LEMs are introduced to their service through meetings with the Priest and a mentorship with an experienced guide.  LEM's will be contacted by the Parish Administrator about every every other month (Sign-up Genius) concerning their availability. 

Please contact Jody Flegal for more information.


Like superheroes, every little kid wants to grow up to be an acolyte. Acolytes are high-school aged people who join the Priests and Eucharistic Ministers at the 10am service. Their assistance is also requested at Evensong and Festal Liturgies.

Acolytes are trained by the Director of Christian Education and serve regularly through the academic year.  

Please contact Lynn Mitchell for more information.

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Altar Guild

Members of the Altar Guild care for the altar and its furnishing and for all the preparations of the Church for worship. The Guild participates, in some way, at every service at St  John on the Mountain including baptisms, weddings, funerals, memorial services, Sunday worship, and special services throughout the Church year.  At Christmas and Easter, the art of the Altar Guild is elevated to honor the Holy Days. Extreme pride is taken in the magnificent displays and decorations of our most sacred times. 


Each Altar Guild team serves for one weekend a month, generally on Friday morning and after the second service on Sunday.


Ushers will again be the hospitable and knowledgable people at the front door when we regather in person. We invite you to join us in recreating this essential role in our Parish. 

Please contact Dave+ for more information and a great deal of encouragement. 

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