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The Chapel of St. John on the Mountain held its first service on October 27, 1907.


Prior to 1907, Mr. Percy Pyne had organized Sunday prayers in the carriage room of his stables so that servants from local estates could attend services near their home and work. St. John’s was a “mission” under the Parish of St. Bernard’s for its first 40 years. 

The Church of St John on the Mountain was granted Parish status in 1948, right after the original chapel burned and was rebuilt. The Parish of St. John on the Mountain was formally in existence on June 9, 1949, when Bishop Wallace John Gardner handed the keys to the parish’s new rector, the Reverend William Nieman. A 1964 Church expansion resulted in a new Church and Parish Hall.  


Under continued inspired and effective leadership, it has also grown in spiritual stature and developed a remarkable sense of community and strength. The Parish celebrated its Centennial in October of 2007.

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